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The goal of this website is to raise awareness of what Open Culture is and provide ways that you can get involved in specific areas.

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What is Open Culture

‘’Open Culture’’ is a concept according to which knowledge should be spread freely and its growth should come from developing, altering or enriching already existing works on the basis of sharing and collaboration, without being restricted by rules linked to the legal protection of intellectual property. In the context of globalization, the consequence is that all citizens should have equal access to information.

Why Open Culture

Open Culture enables people to work together to create innovative solutions to problems. Open Culture can attribute to GPS, medicine, software, most of the internet, and so much more. Open Culture practices these core values:

Open Culture projects allow many people to work towards a goal, even people who are not connected to a particular company or organization.
Open Culture projects create the future. Society would not be where it is today if Open Culture hasn’t invented things like the internet.
Open Culture is open, the goal is to not give full control of the project to a small group of people but allow others to see and participate in the development of the project.
Open Culture projects go beyond just the project and create avenues for like minded people to fellowship with each other.


Open Computing

Open Computing is the idea that computational resources can be used through the idea of distributive computing to accomplish a harder goal.

Open Source

Open source refers to software whose code which it was made from can be viewed, copied, and modified by others.

Open Design

Open Design is the idea that the resources for the production of products are shared with others.

Open Content

Open Content refers to creative works (music, art, films, literary) that are available in “source code” allowing others to use and/or modify them.

Open Science

Open Science is the idea that scientific research should be accessible to all levels of an inquiring society, amateur or professional

Open Data

Open Data is the idea that raw information that is collected should also be provided to be browsed and used by others.

Open Government

Open Government is the idea that citizens have the right to access the documents and proceedings of the government to allow for effective public oversight.